Shane Bailey

Shane Bailey, the Chief Technology Officer - AI at AI Leap Inc., brings over two decades of leadership in guiding software development teams to transformative successes by implementing Agile methodologies. His expertise encompasses the adoption and integration of Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban, and XP across more than 80 projects, achieving remarkable progress in both project completions and team development.

Shane's extensive certification list, now including SAFe 6.0 SPC, SA_SM, and Professional Scrum Master Certifications, highlights his depth of knowledge and commitment to Agile principles. His innovative approach to Agile coaching merges Artificial Intelligence with agile teams and processes to optimize user experiences and enhance operational efficiencies through AI DevOps and the creation of pioneering AI bots.

Prior to his current role at AI Leap Inc., Shane's impactful journey included a pivotal role at Elemental Integration as a Technology Transformation Coach, where he excelled in steering organizational change through technology. His work at Elemental Integration was marked by significant contributions towards technology-driven transformation, setting the stage for his later achievements at Uncommon Crow as an AI Prompt/Automation Engineer. Here, he deepened his expertise in AI Process Re-engineering and Agile Transformation, particularly in automating workflows and process efficiency enhancements.
Shane's tenure as a Principal Agile Coach at BRMi demonstrated his capability to lead enterprise Agile transformations and foster an Agile Community of Practice, significantly.